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What Makes Country Music Great

There’s no contesting the fact that country music is sweet and popular – especially on North American radio dials. With an average market share of over 15% for several years in a row, country music dwarfs talk/news shows, top 40 billboards, and adult contemporary shows by far. And according to a 2016 report by Nielsen, country music buffs aren’t just listening, they are spending the big buck.

In this post, we look at what makes country music one of the most popular music genres in this country.

1.   Simple Songs with Clean Lyrics

Unlike rap music, country music has easy, clean lyrics. You can sing along to the music in front of your parents without having to worry about what they’ll think. Country music lyrics tend to be real and meaningful. When you mix that with the fact that the music is really relatable, you understand why country music has stood the test of time as one of the most popular music genres ever.

If you’re into playing country music songs, you only need to know 4 guitar chords. Some of the more difficult songs involve just 5 chords throughout the whole song.

2.   Positive Values

Whether it’s a heartbreak song or a beach classic, country music tends to promote positive values. This is unlike many other music styles that encourage the youth to become rebellious trouble makers and law breakers. Worse still, there are music genres that tend to encourage violence. Country music is all about meaningful life situations, the outdoors, and the people around you.

3.   Great for Dancing

You haven’t listened to a country music song until you have danced to it. Dancing to a country music song has a social aspect in that you have to get out and get involved with a group of people. There’s something old-fashioned about dancing with a partner or in a group. It’s also fairly easy to dance to a country music song as compared to Salsa, Tango, and other complicated moves. If you don’t know how to dance to a country music song, feel free to take free YouTube lessons.

4.   Classics are Timeless

The moment a country music classic such as ‘Wagon Wheel’ or ‘Chicken Fried’ plays on the radio, everyone lights up. Country music hits never get old. Think about how many times you’ve listened to a Dolly Parton or a Jim Reeves classic? Country music is that golden. It’s not like pop songs that get overplayed and make your ears bleed.

5.   Cowboy Fashion

There’s something very cool about boots! They will go without just about any outfit, and look really cute. Well, who wouldn’t fancy a pair of stylish Ariats? Overall, country music fashion is inspired by the Wild West. You can complete the look by wearing belt buckles, hats, boots, and checkered shirts – as well as any other gear that’s designed for roaming the plains on horseback.

6.   Emotional and Understandable Songs

Nearly all country music songs have something to do with happiness or sadness. What more, the lyrics are simple and powerful. There’s a lot of storytelling going on in country music song and this just helps spruce things up. Think about telling a meaningful story, backed up by instrumentation. Since lyrics are so literal, they are easy to understand. There are no complicated metaphors that you need to figure out before you can enjoy the song. It’s no wonder it’s easy to sing along country music songs.

Wherever you look, whomever you ask, country music is indeed awesome. Nearly a quarter of the American population listens to country music. So why not join this fast-growing crowd?

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