Scotty Mccreery

Finding Success

By October of 2011, Scotty’s first album, Clear as Day, was released and sold close to 200,000 copies on its debut week. The massive sales and positive reception the album garnered would help Scotty make a name for himself in music history as both the first country act and the youngest artist to land at the number one spot in the Billboard 200. Since his record breaking entry into the music business and charts, Clear as Day would go on to hit Platinum status after selling more than a million units in the United States alone.

His second studio album, Christmas with Scotty McCreery, was released on October of 2012, just before the holiday shopping season and landed at the number four spot in the Billboard 200. While not as strong as his previous effort in terms of sales and figures, Scotty’s Christmas album still proved to be popular, garnering him some public appearances where he would sing one of the nine classic Christmas tunes or one of the two new Christmas songs featured in the album.

Beyond his albums, Scotty would sing and guest in numerous concerts and other public events, singing songs that made him a champion in his time with American Idol or any of the songs he sang for his albums. After his victory in Idol, Scotty went around the country in the show’s traditional post-season tours for the fans. Alongside second runner up Lauren Alaina and his fellow contestants, Scotty sang many of the songs that got people to vote for him. One of his memorable performances, though, was performing some of his songs from his second album during the “Christmas in Washington” gala, an annual Holiday celebration done in benefit of the Children’s National Medical Center, which was attended by none other than the President of the United States, Barrack Obama.

In the time following his victory in the TV show contest, he would be nominated in a number of music business related awards and subsequently win three titles, including the American Country Awards’ Artist of the Year in 2011 and the Academy of Country Music Awards’ Best New Artist in 2012.

Two studio released albums, three awards and millions of Dollars’ worth of singles sold, Scotty McCreery proves to be a big name even some time after his peak.  Even if his popularity isn’t as big as it was back in 2011, especially in the days of American Idol tenth season, Scotty McCreery remains living proof to everyone and anyone out there with big dreams in their heads that just about anything is possible. From being the son of a simple family living in Northern Carolina who sang in local contests just because he loved to sing to becoming the tenth person to be crowned “American Idol” and be given the chance of a lifetime, Scotty was given a shot at a good life by using his talents and passions and he got it. With passion and year of experience backing him up, he worked day and night for the final victory that was his destiny and got it, making it through both the good times and the hard times. He lived for the dream and sung for the moment to become a name to be remembered by millions of people not just in his home state or country but around the world.

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