Scotty Mccreery

Scotty-McCreery’s deceased Grandfather had BIG impact

Scotty-McCreery opened up about his relationship with his grandfather he credited giving him his deep booming voice we all know. He said he was lucky to have spent 20 years with his grandfather and had some amazing conversations with him leading up to his grandfather’s death.

His grandfather needed long term care for a good while before he passed. He’d bought hybrid long term care insurance that had a new type of life-long term care insurance policy attached to it BEFORE Scotty-McCreery became famous and rich. Even-though Scotty was not wealthy enough to pay for his grandfather’s care, his grand father ended up using his hybrid long term care insurance policy since he had it, why not.

Scotty went on to say that most people in the world don’t have his resources and he actually because a huge advocate for seniors buying a hybrid long term care insurance plan before it’s too late. His grandfather taught him his love for music and now he’s going to teach the world his new love for hybrid long term care insurance.

Scotty grew up in North Carolina and like any kid was a huge Duke Blue Devil fan. One summer he attended a basketball camp at Duke and part of the camp was outreach where the group visited some Alzheimer’s patients at the university hospital and it really made a big impact on him.

We love Scotty-McCreery and as it turns out there is more depth to him than meets the eye and his loves for the seniors and his grandfather warms the heart.

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